Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ebay - My #1 pick for a home based business.

Are you looking for a Business you can Work at Home? Did you know that a Work at Home Business is the dream of millions of Americans, and millions more world wide? It is estimated that by 2010, over 70% of us will have some kind of Home Business to help supplement our income. Plus, many surveys show that a Home Business of your own is still the number one way for the average person to achieve financial freedom.

According to Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, over 400,000 people are making a living on eBay. And, recently eBay reported $14.87 billion in annual sales and over 100 million members. With numbers like these shouldn't you be looking at eBay as your Home Based Business? I DID!

eBay has some very staggering statistics. A Chevrolet Corvette is sold every 3 hours! A Diamond Ring is sold every 7 minutes! A Digital Camera is sold every 80 seconds! An Article of clothing is sold every 4 seconds! eBay is the 4th most visited website on the Internet. Pretty impressive for what started as a small site for collectors of Pez Dispensers.

Since then eBay has flourished into an auction site that lends itself perfectly to the Home Based Business. Why? Mainly because you can sell almost anything on eBay. Plus, operating an eBay Auction Business does not require you to have any extensive business knowledge or any elaborate computer skills. Finding items to sell on your auctions is easy as well. You can start by selling all of those unwanted items you have just lying around the house. From there some people cruise flea markets, swap meets, and second hand stores for more items to sell on eBay. And even more use Dropshippers. Using Dropshippers is a smart way to get your eBay Home Business up and running because you don't have to invest in costly inventory, store the inventory, or package and ship that inventory. Your Dropship supplier will do all of that for you. It doesn't get any easier then that!

So if you're looking for a Home Based Business, have a look at eBay. It is the largest and most exciting auction service on the Internet enabling trades on a local, national and international bases. With more than 3 million auctions running at any given time, and many millions of users, if you have something to sell you'll probably find a buyer for it on eBay.

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