Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is A Home-based Business Right For Me ?

Almost everyone is talking about a Home-based Business, and
some giving it a try. You’ve probaly heard numerous success
stories of people earning more than they used to, from the
comfort of their own homes. You’re almost tempted to leave
your job, and embark on the home-based business venture
yourself. But you’re not sure you’ve got what it takes...

First thing is, a home-based business is not for everyone.
Many have succeeded in it, but there are just as many who
fail. They either ventured into their home-based business
too quickly, and unprepared. Or they just could not handle
its demands. In the end, the promise of the rewards of a
home-based business was nowhere in sight.

You don’t have to make the same mistake! Here are some
questions you can ask yourself, to help you find out if you
got what it takes, to start your own home-based business.

Do you think you can mind your own home-based business, and
make it successful?

Once you have started your own home-based business, you will
have to give the business the attention it needs for it to
be successful. You will probably be working alone, which
means there will be no more lively conversations with your
officemates around the water cooler, and no more chatting
about last night’s TV shows over lunch. So If you are the
kind of person who like to thrive in such kinds of social
interaction, chances are, you may find that working on your
own home-based business, might become boring.

With your home-based business, you will be trading your
office interaction with family interaction. If you would
rather spend time with your kids and your spouse, than with
co-workers, then a home-based business might just be right
for you.

Do you need someone else to motivate you to reach your

Do you find yourself playing the role of “follower” instead
of “leader” more often? Are you happy with such a situation?
If so, you might not be cut out to start a home-based
business of your own. Your home-based business needs a
leader... Being your own boss means you’re going to have to
motivate yourself to reach your business goals. So if you
are more comfortable taking orders from someone else,
instead of you doing the ordering around yourself, it’s best
you stick to your day job.

Are you happy and comfortable with your current job?

As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If
your current job is able to pay for the bills, allow you
enough time for yourself, and your family, allow you to take
your family on vacations etc. then there’s probably no need
for you to start out from scratch, by putting up a business
of your own.

In the end, only you and you alone,can determine if you got
what it takes to start a home-based business

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