Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Work from home opportunities

Hi. My name is Karen and the reason I started this blog is to inform people about work at home opportunities. I have tried just about everything you can think of and am now ready to let everyone know what work at home opportunities are the good ones and also the bad ones.

For instance here's a little known data entry job source: http://Indeed.com This site provides freelance blog jobs for free. You will have competition, so you'll need to quickly submit your resume or writing samples.. Good Luck!

Here is one that I have been making money with. you can be assured this is a good one. GO HERE

I have also put up some links on the right hand side of this page of work at home opportunities that we have tested to make sure you can make money with.

Please check back as I am just getting started and will be updating with the good, bad, and the ugly of work at home opportunities.

P.S. I will be placing a link to a different program that i have either tested or am using in each post. :-)

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