Friday, October 10, 2008

Make over $400 a month working Part Time from your home office

Would you be intrested in making money monthly? Want to earn extra money to cover miscellaneous costs like entertainment, clothes, or car payments?

Now is the time to learn about internet marketing to make residual monthly income? It’s fairly easy to learn, fun to do and when you get your first check it seems well worth it. Follow these steps today to begin working from home and make monthly residual income.

The incentive for working on the internet is that you can do this anywhere you have internet access meaning you can do this from home, the library, work (before, lunch or after hours), or even while vacationing. You are limited only by your own imagination and after six months you will figure out your monthly traffic statistics to identify how much you make per page impression at your website. I am currently average about 20 page impressions for a click. Each click on my CPC programs will generate about $X.XX amount so if I drive about 23,000 unique page impressions to my websites I can earn $X,XXX monthly.

This means after 3 months of putting these steps into place and you began clearing $300 a month and decided you wanted to make $500 a month you can repeat the steps to increase your monthly revenue. This is how some people figure out how to make $4000, $5000, $6000 and upwards of $100,000 a month. Once you identify how the professionals do this you can definitely be financially free.

These suggestions are to help you get started quickly with very low start up costs. The monthly fees are incentive to begin earning money immediately to cover the costs of this expense but you will find that it’s fairly easy to make this amount quickly if you act today.

See why everyone else is jumping into the online money making arena. The initial setup costs about $750 to purchase the software, website and hosting software but that sounds cheap to me considering you just started a business for under $750 and you have no overhead for the next 2 years. A few hours a week will usually draw you in about $300 a month and over a 24 month period you would make $7200. However if you put a bit more energy and effort into it you can make over $300 a month netting you bigger profits. This is you creating your own job in the comfort of your home with no boss telling you what to do. $300 a month is a car payment, monthly food allowance or clothing allowance. this also makes a great Part Time job for Teens covering those public school costs of “extra” activities.

1. Purchase a 2 year contract for  Professional Web Hosting $6.95 per month

2. Purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and training manual

3. Purchase inexpensive, pre-created Website Template

4. Using Dreamweaver software upload your website to the hosting software

5. Sign up with Affiliate Advertisement companies

6. Write and submit about 2-3 Press Releases a month to drive traffic to your website

Today, right now you can proceed with steps 1 through 3. Select a Domain Name; this is the name of the website like videotrainingpro. It should have the name of the product that you want to focus your sells on. Example: if you are going to sell kitchen appliances make this part of the website domain like kitchenappliancesplus. We recommend never using underscore, hyphens or dashes in your website domain name.

Next do some research on Page Rank, Backward Links, Press Releases, and Affiliate Advertisement programs? The more Page Rank (0-10) a website has the easier it is for people to find it in their online web searches. Backward links are companies that have your website on their website and it is connecting the two increasing your Page Rank. One to Two press releases written each month about your company, website, or product you sell will help increase your traffic and Page Rank. Affiliate Advertisement companies like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google, and Amazon will give you products to sell on your website without the problems of taking support phone calls or dealing with the actual sell of the product.

Affiliate Advertisement in a nutshell is a middleman company. They find companies like cell phone, jewlery, printing businesses who want to advertise their business on people's websites. They sign a contract with the Affiliate Advertisement Companies to pay people who list their "banners" on their website. Your job is to add these banners to your website and drive traffic to actually click on this logo, banner or text. Some programs are a Cost Per Click (CPC) while others only pay commissions if someone buys a product. 

The beauty is that every 30 days you will receive a check or direct deposit on all monies earned. Don't hesitate start today lining your pockets with extra cash.

Want to see this in action visit my newest website: medicalbillingsoftwarepro(com) and click on work from home.

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