Sunday, October 12, 2008

Work from Home and earn over $500.00 a month

Are you interested in finding ways to make money while working from home? Maybe you want extra money to cover the costs of a car payment or buy new clothes each month. This maybe the job you desire and the best part is you are your own boss.

Check this out. If you follow our steps and do some additional research you will easily find yourself making over $500.00 monthly residual income. Some people may be able to actually make the money faster but most will find they can accomplish these steps and make money within 3 months. 

I will direct you into a cheap but highly effective method to make money online from home.

1. Purchase a 2 year contract for Front Page Hosting $6.95 per month

2. Purchase Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and training manual

3. Purchase Website Template

4. Using Dreamweaver software upload your website to the hosting software

5. Sign up with Affiliate Advertisement companies

6. Write and submit about 2-3 Press Releases a month to drive traffic to your website

Initial software costs will be about $425 for Dreamweaver and training manual. Once you have this you have the bulk of costs out of the way. You will spend about $170.00 for a domain name ( and hosting software for a 2 year contract. Website Templates can range in price $45-$75. Essentially you just started a home business for under $700.00. Roll out the next website under $225.00.


If each website you own makes $300.00 - $500.00 a month with just a little effort can make you roughly $3600 - $6000.00 per website per year. The initial cost to you is $700.00 but you can basically make $7200.00 for the two years (remember hosting company is a 2 year contract before renewal is required). If you want to attain $4000 or more a month, you can do this by putting more work in to achieve those goals i.e. adding more websites, add 10 additional webpages a month.

Today you can purchase the hosting software to secure your website domain name, order the Dreamweaver software and buy the website template. The web hosting software offers several online training tutorials that you can watch immediately and the purchased website template can be downloaded instantly. They also offer support and training materials on HTML code and web pages.

Get the Dreamweaver software and begin playing with your new website. If you have questions on how to use Dreamweaver, refer back to the training manual and look things up on the internet. You can search and find just about anything on the internet these days.

Once the website is uploaded to the hosting software you are ready to register with affiliate programs like commission junction, LinkShare or Amazon. Sign up with Amazon and Link Share for dominance in the Affiliate programs.

Now you have a website selling legitimate products. Your next goal is to drive traffic to the website. A trusty idea to drive consistent traffic to your website is through Article Submission. They are 350 word articles that talk specifically about a product or service. While writing your articles include links to your website and submit to Press Release Companies like Any Articles and Article Clips. If they like the Press Release they will advertise it on the Internet and this drives traffic to your website. Do some follow up on Page Range, Backward Links and using key words in the body of your text. 

Drive people to your website to increase the odds that someone will buy a product from you. Relate your Press Release articles to Products and services you sell on the website. You can work from home or anywhere else as long as you have internet access. It can all be done anywhere you have internet access.

The other beauty is you don’t have to deal with support calls, customer complaints etc. The Affiliate companies handle these issues. Each month they send you a check for your commissions as a Thank you for sending clients their way and they handle the rest.

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