Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Internet Attached Storage for Home Business

"To Serve and Protect" is a phrase usually bringing thoughts of your local police department.  But when it comes to your documents, photos, and data there is a great option for safe storage that doesn’t involve disks, tapes, or gadgets that can get lost, stolen or damaged. Internet Attached Storage can protect and serve your personal information anywhere (not just in your house, office, or a tape).

Although files on your computer are safe from many threats, there is still a chance of fire or flood, or a computer–generated disaster, like hard disk failure, virus, worms or trojans damaging the files that hold your data. Digital information is hard and sometimes impossible to recover.Theft of your laptop is a very real danger.

Internet Attached Storage is a inexpensive and practical solution. Your files and folders are encrypted and stored remotely to keep your information secure. Password protection is additionally provided for as an integral part of the overall security schema.

Some considerations when using Internet Attached Storage. Some key points are:

Backup early and often

The more often you backup your data, the less likely information will be lost. The best Internet Attached Storage services have network drive and synchronization features.

Keep your files

Though Internet Attached Storage services are very secure it’s smart to keep important files on your computer where you can access them locally.Therefore making it easy to synchronize data to your Internet Attached Storage area.

Keep it organized

Finding your files when you need them only makes sense. Internet Attached Storage mirrors your existing folder/file structure. It’s a good idea to do so.

Don't lose your password

Internet Attached Storage cannot be accessed without the password assigned to it. Always keep your username and password safe so your personal files aren’t compromised.

You have files that can't be replaced. Like home banking, email, etc., and files you need to access from anywhere like photos. Important files to consider uploading to internet Attached Storage include:



Sound Files

Financial Data

Word Documents


Email Archives

Internet Attached Storage provides next generation features like network drive and synchronization that can give you immediate benefits while protecting your important information.

Which Internet Attached Storage product do we like?  We particularly like the features, cost, and reliability of OPENRSM CloudBackup.  It gives a great balance of features that go way beyond simple online backup that is particularly cost effective.  We endorse it wholeheartedly.

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