Thursday, November 27, 2008

Three Surefire Ways towards a Healthy Marriage of Family and a Work from Home Job

Work from home

Working from home actually presents a couple of major benefits as compared to having a traditional office job. First, you need not wake up early to beat the clock, determine what to wear and triumph over the traffic jam on your way to the workplace. This absolutely gives way to another meaning of bread and jam – earning your bread while being in your pajamas!

Enduring days minus pesky colleagues and obnoxious bosses is the second advantage of a work from home business. You can still fulfill your corporate tasks in the corners of your own room with a good internet connection. In simpler terms, working from home means you are your very own boss.

The consequence of this type of endeavor,  however, is that it might negatively affect your relationship with your family. The demands are getting more challenging with the combination of office stuff and home management. This may result to more burnout, in the end. Definitely, you would not want this in your love life – both in and out of bed!

For another, your work from home timetable can be unmanageable. Since you do not have strict 9-to-5 hours, you can be required to work past the regular hours and without overtime pay!

As a whole, however, you can still make this type of endeavor work to your advantage. Simply read this article so you will discover three simple steps towards a good marriage of work and family.

Manage Your Time

Time management is fundamentally managing yourself. The absence of a “physical boss” makes you more responsible for your output and your own time.

That said, you may come up with your own schedule and abide by it as strictly as you possibly can. For instance, you can set aside specific hours daily for home management, for home office management, and for rest and recreation. You can exercise flexibility, just make sure that you’re loyal to the number of hours that you have allotted for each activity.

Gather Input from Your Family

With work from home jobs endeavors, your colleagues are not accessible for you to discuss things with. But do you know that your loved ones can be the best contenders for this function? Don’t underestimate their abilities as they are also full of new ideas and are always overflowing with encouragement and support.

You actually introduce your loved ones to the nitty-gritty of your professional life in this kind of set-up. As a result, you’re inviting them in, instead of shutting them off as what will be the case if you stick to the traditional office job.

Articulate Some Rules

There are adjustments to be made however, as doing otherwise may put you in an awkward position of missed deadlines, irate emails and no income. Just make your family members understand the rationale behind the enforcement of these regulations as they are a definite part of this new undertaking.

For example, your new home office regulations can include: no disturbing the home office worker when hard at work; no playing of music in the house between the hours of 9-to-5; clean your own mess; and new household chores assignments.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to forgo the sense of discipline, self-management and responsibility. So, forget engaging in a work from home business if you think that you’ll have it easy!

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