Monday, December 1, 2008

Running a Business from Home: Drawing the Line


The messy thing about running a business from home is to separate work from home life. If based in external premises, it would be easy for entrepreneurs to separate work from home life. But this becomes much more difficult when your business is based in the same place where you sleep, bring up your children and watch your favorite television shows it is easy to lose touch of how much time you are committing to your passion instead of your family.


As it is, it is easy for a business to take over an entrepreneur's life but it is all the more likely for home based company owners. This is simply because people go into business with a passion and as a result they get over engrossed in their business that they are passionate about.

The Solution

Serious as it is, there is always a solution to every problem. For home based business to work, have a family meeting and discuss your plan and get everyone's opinion and come up with some ground rules; establish a structure for your profession and have a timetable where you divide your attention to business and also to your family.

You can also use a separate business mail address. In fact, whatever you do remember that apart from having a home business to handle, you also have a family to attend to. Both are equally important. Always aim at fairness in your daily dealings. A good way to ensure you don't neglect your loved ones is to organize regular meetings so everyone affected can share their feelings and rules can be agreed. These meetings are very important so that you will not forget that there are also other people involved in running your business from home.

If you decide to go and start a home business it is a good idea you start slowly and initially work part time before committing yourself completely. Do not leave your current full-time job because the income can see you through the early days.

Do not forget to seek advice from professionals apart from your own family when running a business from home. Go along to some chamber of commerce business club meetings. Have a chat with your bank manager and pick up as many brains as possible to discuss your home business proposals.

If it feels right and the advice you sought confirms it, then go for it .However just having the right personality and what on paper seems to be the right idea is not enough. What is really vitally important is that you must have excellent business acumen in order to truly succeed in this venture.

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