Sunday, December 14, 2008

Work at Home Typing

Work at Home Typing

Work at home typing jobs are a dime-a-dozen. You see advertisements everywhere announcing how easy it is and how fast making money can be with a work at home typing job. And with all these adverts constantly touting the good things about work at home typing jobs, it is just so easy to fall for the promises they make. Indeed, isn’t making money by doing something as easy as typing from your own home a dream come true for most?

However, the problem with work at home typing jobs is that most of what you see in the classifieds are scams. In fact, only very few actually offer anything that’s worth your while or deliver on their promises.

Hundreds of work at home typing job ads claim that you can earn up to $500 or more per week by simply typing adverts and various other documents for clients of these companies. Basically, the ad tells you that you will receive information and a starter pack if you fill out their form and send it along with the registration fee.

Once you do all these and finish setting yourself up (that includes securing a computer or a typewriter), then you will be sent assignments. Payment for your work at home typing assignments will be done as soon as you complete your work. The pace is yours and you don’t even have to be a super-quick typist. Or so what the ads claim. They have a talent for making things sound very easy.

Now here in lies the scam. The thing with this starter pack that you receive in exchange for the money that you send is they may contain nothing more than a very long list of companies who are ‘possibly’ looking for a work at home typist. The list doesn’t guarantee a sure job for you. The list is only a list. You are instructed to call each of the companies to find out if they are recruiting and if they aren’t, then tough choice. You’ll be lucky to find at least five companies who are willing to take you on for a work at home typing job and even then, the money that they offer is certainly nothing close to the $65 registration fee. And besides, most of these companies are probably even listed on the phone book so the money was an utter waste, a sham, a complete scam.

So, having stated this, you would then be better off on starting your own work at home typing business. You would need basically the same equipment – a computer with access to email and a printer.

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